Easy Input 1.0.1

Easy Input 1.0.1: Easy Input aims to improve the efficiency, quality and accuracy of text input. Easy Input aims to improve the efficiency, quality and accuracy of text input. Whenever you will be typing a word, Easy Input will display a list of possible candidates for the auto completion. You can also use Easy Input to enter mail addresses, favorite web addresses, phone numbers and so on conveniently. What you can enter with Easy Input depend on the contents of dictionary files, and you can customize dictionary files freely.

Mini-Input 2.0: .NET Component to Monitor, Send and Suppress Keyboard and Mouse Input
Mini-Input 2.0

Input is a .NET component to monitor, send and suppress keyboard and mouse input. * Mini-Input enables you to monitor, suppress and send (Pro edition) keyboard and mouse input in one convenient .NET component. * A single Mini-Input hook can monitor for all keyboard and mouse events on a global, application form, and/or control level. Or you can create individual hooks for different input types and levels. * The same arguments are generated for every

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Xceed Input Validator for .NET 1.1

input component, a warning icon flashes next to it. When the mouse hovers over the warning icon, a pop-up error message explains the problem. Error messages are fully customizable and localizable, allowing you to explain the restrictions on input components the way you want. Xceed Input Validator for .NET can validate compatible input components using .NET regular expressions, providing endless possibilities. For example, if you need to make sure

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NumberInput ActiveX 2.0: Improves the input of integer values within certain limits, that can be adjusted
NumberInput ActiveX 2.0

The control element allows the comfortable input of (long) integer values, whereby incorrect inputs by the user become impossible. It is freely adjustable in its size. The size of the represented control sub elements and the size of the displayed numbers adapt automatically. The input of the number can be made directly in the text field or indirectly by the two buttons.

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InputMask 3.5: An ASP.NET server control that allows users to input data into a masked text box
InputMask 3.5

The Input Mask server control is an input control that lets the user enter text inside a preset mask. The preset masks are completely customizable to any set of alpha-numeric characters and can limit any spot within the mask by alphabetic, numeric, or alphanumeric placeholders. The text displayed in the Input Mask control is specified or determined by using the Text property and the inputted, or un-masked, text is determined by using the TextUnMa

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Chinese Input Mobile 4.23: Chinese Input Mobile,Chinese Input on Any PC, Quick, fault-tolerant.
Chinese Input Mobile 4.23

Chinese Input Mobile,Chinese Input on Any PC.Quick, fault-tolerant Chinese typing. Zi-info & word usage lookup. While inputting Chinese, user can use the leftmost column of keyboard keys as tone specifier. Supports simplified & traditional outputs. Many Input-Assistant Features. Huge word database. Customizable candidate-bar style. Step-by-step slide-demo.

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Input Director 1.2.1: Control multiple Windows systems with one keyboard/mouse and share the clipboard
Input Director 1.2.1

Input Director is designed for those folks that have two (or more) Windows systems set up at home. Using Input Director, you can position the monitors of your systems side-by-side and then control all of them via one keyboard/mouse. To transition which system you`re controlling is as simple as moving the cursor off the screen on one system and it`ll pop up on the next screen (similar to a multi-monitor setup) or via a hotkey combo. Input Director

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